Bouke Rocks Elvis, Veenendaal 24 november 2023

So, I needed to find time to translate my story about Bouke Rocks Elvis in Veenendaal. Here it goes..

Bouke´s Bouke Rocks Elvis theatre tour is up and running.
In the weekend of 24th, 25th, 26th he had 3 shows.
One in Veenendaal and the other 2 in Cuijk. 
The weekend was opened with a great concert!

De Lampegiet in Veenendaal is a real cosy theatre, in which you instantly feel good. 
This threatre doesn´t only host shows, but is also the homebase of Erwin.
Spending years of spotting ´BN´rs´, which are Dutch famous persons, he became a bit famous himself, cause of his hobby.
Many famous people know him and he is very welcome at the Lampegiet. 
He even took a picture with our Royal Queen; Maxima.
This meant, since Bouke also became a ´famous Dutch person´, that he had to visit his favorite spot again. 

Bouke shaked his hand, took him inside for a photo and was very friendly towards Erwin.
The only challenge Erwin had, was that Bouke wanted to stand at his usual side,- which was new for Erwin. Bouke, of course, also has his standards, hihi. 
Erwin meets famous Dutch persons weekly and writes stories about it. So now Bouke is in his wrotedown memories too. 

Bouke L8 ! 
The concert was incredible, how could it be not?
WIth a great and energetic audience, Bouke and ElvisMatters band gave a big amount of energy back.
Very early in the concert, people were already standing; during ´One Night With You´ the first persons stood up and soon many followed.
It was super clear Bouke really had a blast this evening. There were countless jokes and he laughed a lot. When I look at the photo´s I took, this collection has a lot of photo´s with Bouke laughing. He truly sparkled.

Since I´ve never explained the name; BoukeL8 before, towards non-Dutch-speaking people, I will do it now; it has a lot to do with how Bouke presented himself in Veenendaal.
´Lacht´ is the Dutch word for ´laughs´. When you say ´eight´ in Dutch, you speak of ´Acht´. So when you put L and ACHT together it´s written: LACHT, which is LAUGHS. So BoukeL8 means BoukeLACHT, which in English is BoukeLAUGHS
And how did I once get to this name? Well, back in the early years, sometimes people were complaining about Bouke not laughing at their picture. I knew for a fact he does laugh A LOT, so I made it a title, to confront everyone literally all the time, that Bouke LAUGHS - A LOT!

Back to the story..
I can tell you, every single time; Bouke had a great setlist, and that he, together with his band, brought many Elvis Classics, but well.. Everyone knows it by now.
´Fire´ he sang with his guitar and he dedicated ´It´s Midnight´, as always, to Peter Verbruggen. He, that won´t be forgotten.

Marga Hermans
During this concert, there was special guest for Leon, his mom Marga.
Bouke told the audience Leon said to just give a little mention, but Bouke found her ´almost hanging in the lights´.
´My Boy´ was dedicated to Leon´s proud mom.

Darian en Madelon
2 sweet people on front row, both got their moment with Bouke. 
He made these people so happy with taking a picture and Darian even got to sing ´Suspicious Minds´ with Bouke. Also he got a plectrum as a gift. 
I posted a message on the group to find these 2 sweethearts and it worked, like very fast!
They were super happy with their photo´s and Darian said he wants to make a collage of these pictures, for in his bedroom,- ánd that he wants to see Bouke soon again. 

Walk The Line
A beautiful country song, sang by Bouke in the past.
This time he brought it during the concert, supported by his guitar. 
Bouke playing guitar, the sounds of Johnny Cash, it´s fabulous!
One of the highlights of the evening. 

All the way from Australia ánd London
Sue, all the way from DownUnder Australia, is located in London for a while and travels between the UK and The Netherlands to see Bouke live. 
As a big surprise, there was a seat left in de Lampegiet for her, so she impulsively came back towards our country.
Soon you´ll read all about her experiences on this website!

3 wonderful concerts, brave! It was a blast for Bouke & the ElvisMatters band. 
They sparkle every single evening, again and again!

If you want to enjoy some video´s, please go to my youtube-channel.
Photo´s of this concert you can find in the Dutch story

Till next time!

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