Television recording My Tribute To Elvis

Last Tuesday, October 31th, some footage was shot for Bouke´s television programm; My Tribute To Elvis.
A live performance; with his ElvisMatters band, divided in 3 parts (for every episode a few songs) and a lot of Bouke fans in the audience.

In the 3 episodes long documentairy, Bouke visits famous Elvis spots with Rob Kemps.
He shows Rob - and the watching audience, the highlights of Elvis Presley, and follows his footsteps in Tupelo, Memphis, Nashville and Las Vegas.
The footage made on Tuesday, will be a red line through the episodes.
My Tribute To Elvis starts at January 6th and will be broadcasted 3 Saturdays after a episode of the new season of Tribute; Battle of the Bands (the show that got him FAMOUS).
It will be 3 fun Saturdays, watching SBS6. And for you foreign fans; no worries, the episodes will be online, for sure!

Poptemple Hague was the venue were it all happened.
A beautiful stage, with catwalk. First floor, several balconies; enough space for the audience to have a very good view on everything that took place on stage.

Bouke brought a lot of Elvis classics, divided in 3 parts, with highlighter ´If I Can Dream´ (a special piece). For this song he took his beautiful white suit out of the closet, which added something wonderful to the performance.
In fact, during the whole evening, Bouke dressed so incredibly handsome, in different suits (for every part another suit). Those suits truly connected to the TRIBUTE TO ELVIS vibe.

Rob Kemps
Co-host, new friend, also a great Dutch artist (in his style of music) Rob Kemps, of course also participated in this show.
It is very visible to see that both of them build a strong connection during their travel together. 
Rob told the audience, that everywhere Bouke played or showed up, people wanted to keep him. Luckily he came back to the Netherlands, obviously!


In a beautiful setting, Bouke played ´Are You Lonesome Tonight´, supported by Leon on his treasure; the guitar. 
An acoustic version of ´Baby what you want me to do´, was also part of this sitdown.

It´s known Bouke has fans all over the world.
This Tuesday, after a long wait, it was Sue´s first live experience with Bouke, all the way from Australia. 
Now, for 9 months, she will do a Bouke-tour and joins many concerts, just as a lot of other fans do.
I thought this was worth a mention in my story about Tuesday, since she had such a great experience, being able to see Bouke live!

During the intermezzo´s, when Bouke had to change suits, people from the audience were invited to take the stage. And not only that; they got the chance to sing with the ElvisMatters band, which has to be a big honor!
A young man (13 years old) sang and made the audience go crazy, even as a lady that said she sings all day at home.

Always On My Mind | My Boy
On a special evening like this, the most important people were also present.
His family: mom, dad, sister and 2 sons proudly sat in between the audience to fully enjoy the show.
Bouke dedicated ´Always On My Mind´ to them.
Of course, ´My Boy´ he sang for his sons, like he always does.

It was an amazing evening, fully enjoyed by everyone.
Bouke closed the show with ´My Way´, supported by phone-lights of the audience (just as with ´The Wonder Of You´)
It was a beautiful sight.

January 6th; My Tribute To Elvis!
Put it in your agenda, keep in touch with the socials and BoukeL8! And who knows; you´ll see some familiar faces on National Dutch television.

All video´s at CONGENIOUS1.
Photo´s you can find in the Dutch story about this evening; CLICK.

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Sue Fanning
7 maanden geleden

What a wonderful coverage Bouke’s, ’My Tribute to Elvis’, Irene. Thank you so much and also for the special shout out to this little Aussie from Down Under!! My Bouke pilgrimage has kicked off with a bang.