Television recording Omroep MAX MusicSpecial, 12-12-2023

The MAX MuziekSpecials are tv-specials with different kind of artists and music events.
Obviously Bouke had to be a part of this, so last Tuesday there was a recording of his own Music Special; Bouke & the ElvisMatters band!
It all happened at Studio 21 (Mediaparc) in Hilversum. 

It´s not known when the show will be broadcasted on television, but for sure it will be 2024. 
Hopefully we don´t have to wait till 2025. ;)

Bouke, his ElvisMatters band, a great studio with beautiful decors, 300 enthusiastic people in the audience, and a fabulous setlist which made sure to have an hour full of Elvis classics. It was awesome!

One big party!
With every song Bouke sang, the decor changed into a new one that was fitting to the song Bouke was singing. 
The audience was placed in a halve circle around the stage, in 3 levels. 
All over the studio ´Bouke and the ElvisMatters band´ was written in light-up letters. Shown on big screens and banners. 
Everyone got their own MAX-light (working or not) to get a breathtaking vibe.

Bouke sang fantastic (as usual) and looked super handsome.
All was right, except ´Blue Suede Shoes´ (hihi). 
But hey, this wasn´t broadcasted live on television, so he got a do-over (with the one couplet he was missing). And people were even yelling for a 3th time. 

The band also really felt like it.
Björn had a big smile on his face, nonstop! He was sparkling (not only his suit). 
The ladies of Verve Vocals looked beautiful in their glitter-outfits. 

People in the audience jumped from their seats and were dancing and singing, so happy. 
At the end, no surprise there, ´WE WANT MORE´ sounded through the studio.
But too bad, there was nothing more. It ended way too soon. 

It´s really nice to see that the studio was filled with an old and a new generation of fans. People who are there since the beginning of Bouke´s carreer, were connecting with new fans. All because of a shared love for Bouke and his music. 
New friendships are being born because of Bouke, and it´s beautiful!
Fact; Bouke already does this for 20 years; connecting people, but now this is a new era. 

I am so super proud of everything he accomplished this year and can´t wait for this show to be broadcasted on television. 
For sure this will be a wonderful special.

Note; since Bouke already shared this footage on his instagram, I´ve posted it on my youtube-channel. A little teaser.

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Sue Fanning
7 maanden geleden

What a wonderful and exhilarating Bouke and the EMB day it was. Too short but oh so sweet. They were equally on fire.

Thank you Irene ehat a fabulous report.

Millvina cq Milly Bazen
7 maanden geleden

Hoi Irene,
Jij drukt met mijn verhaal, ik druk aan het lezen (heb nu tijd). Ik zit aan een stuk door te genieten, van alle verhalen. Nu deze van jou tijden de opname van Omroep MAX. Geweldig, en inderdaad je bent er maar druk mee. Ik noem je niet voor niets een duizendpoot. Maar de liefde voor Bouke is zo groot en zo gemeend en zo vertrouwd. Vergeet jezelf niet lieverd. Dikke kus