ElvisMatters Cruise 2015 - 8 years ago!

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Last week it was 8 years ago the MSC Fantasia sailed from Barcelona to many great destinations, with Bouke & ElvisMatters band on board to make some great music and unforgettable memories. 
Those memories still do a happy dance in my mind ..

A mesmerizing  cruiseship, beautiful destinations,   fun company, and Bouke´s music. 
Friendships were born on board of the MSC Fantasia and the crowd of the ElvisMatters group will never forget this trip.

The man who made it happen!
Honour the person who deserves the full honour; Peter Verbruggen.
As the head of ElvisMatters, he had 100% faith in Bouke and wanted to make a music-trip happen. His favorite way of traveling was cruising. And so the organisation started. 
Sadly he could never step aboard himself, since  he became a star in heaven, months before the cruise. 
Peter, we all still miss you. A lot.

The route
All travelers from ElvisMatters took a flight to Barcelona (Spain), from where the  journey on the MSC Fantasia started.
Many beautiful destinations we have seen: France: Marseille, Italy: Genua, Napels (daytrip to Pompeii), Messina (visiting Taormina), Malta (Valetta), Palma de Mallorca, and back to Barcelona.

The Cruise ship
The MSC Fantasia is a 333 meter long ship, which can sail with over 3000 souls on board.
Bars, restaurants, swimming pools, cinema, big theatre, sport-facilities, over 1600 cabins and more..
It´s HUGE! Full of luxury.
A true paradise, and a maze in which you truly could be lost (specially; which elevator to use?) 

Bouke rocks Elvis

On Wednesday afternoon, the 7th of October, Bouke shined with his ElvisMatters band on board of the MSC Fantasia.
Bouke rocks Elvis took place in the big theatre of the ship; Teatro L´Avanguardia
This theatre  invites 1600 people,  a big audience for Bouke.
Everyone on board was allowed to enter the show, so the audience was international.

There were also some Americans with a beautiful American flag with the image of Elvis on it. 
This flag was the cause of one of the biggest goosebumps-moments in Bouke´s musical carreer; An American Trilogy.
This song would make a moment like this again, 2 years later in Memphis.

Bouke and ElvisMatters band made a great show, big party!
There was a lot of humor  also during the concert, which you can see in the video below my story.

Bouke rocks Elvis was truly fenomenal on the cruise, and now, since this year, as we all know, it became a great theatre-tour in the Netherlands (and Belgium).

Bouke Unplugged
One day after the big Bouke rocks Elvis concert, Bouke Unplugged took place.
In the Insolito Lounge a very cosy, unplugged concert was  celebrated exclusively by the ElvisMatters crowd. 
A very special private event which won´t be forgotten by the travelers of the group. 

This day it was a sailing day. Complete day on the sea. 
It was noticeable, curtains and even instruments were waving around. 
A good time to bring in ´I Am Sailing´. Bouke did a beautiful thing there.
Also he  sang ´You Are So Beautiful´.

After the concert Bouke and band took all the time for everyone and a true photoshoot happened.
We had lots of fun!

Some personal experiences
*The Manhattan Bar was thé bar to be! A lounge which we often visited and  made some great memories.
*Since I had a all-in-arrangement, I could drink as many drinks as I wanted. The result of it was that I tried out ALL the cocktails on the cocktail-menu that week. And I wasn´t the only one.  Great laughs!
*The most beautiful places I have seen where Taormina, Pompeii and Malta. Would go back anytime to these destinations.
*Cruising truly is an amazing way of traveling. Peter was right!
*The golden stairs in the middle of the ship; like a fairytale. Magic. 
*Bouke & ElvisMatters band made people have some unique experiences, which won´t be forgotten. 

These legendary words were spoken by Bouke on the cruise.

More photo´s you´ll find in the Dutch story about the ElvisMatters Cruise; click here.
On my youtube-channel there are more video´s of both concerts, have a look at Congenious1!

I know many of you come back to follow my stories..
After the stories about Memphis 2017 and the ElvisMatters Cruise, which should be the next one?
Hart voor Muziek Cruise, Playing on Elvis Guitar in Elvis Museum, festival history, concerts history, fanclubdays history, my own ´Tell Me Your Bouke Story´..
Leave a comment below and let me know! 

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