Bouke Rocks Elvis - Zutphen

After a Bouke Rocks Elvis summer break, last weekend the Bouke Rocks Elvis Tour continued in Zutphen and Den Helder. 
I went to the concert in Zutphen on Saturday evening. 
The Hanzehof is a very small, cosy theatre, which was filled with a new audience.
My friend and I literally knew no one (apart from Bouke, the band and the ElvisMatters crew), and yes that´s is truly odd.

It was very clear Bouke  and his ElvisMatters band really felt like playing, the enthusiasm and drive sparkled from the stage..

Everyone who has visited a Bouke Rocks Elvis concert, or watches the video´s on Youtube, ór enjoys the live video´s of Bouke´s dad Jochem, knows Bouke Rocks Elvis will promise you a great evening with Elvis´ classic songs.

In Zutphen this was obviously also the case. 
Bouke, his band and the audience fully enjoyed.
It was not easy to reach the theatre, cause of several disturbances on the road, so a musical treat was very welcome!

The Hanzehof had to get into the vibe a little bit, but when it was there,  it became very awesome.
´Love Me Tender´ earned a big, extremely loud standing ovation, which was beautiful to see ánd hear.
As per Leon´s words, and I do share his opinion, ´Bridge Over Troubled Water´ was the highlighter of this evening. So STRONG!

The fact that people are indeed watching the video´s, became clear when a man started to light up his phone-light and swing around with it. Many people followed.. Magical.

Bouke really went for it during this concert, he showed a lot of humor and made jokes all around. 
´You Can Leave Your Hat On.. - Last week I made him dance!´
And when Bouke got a gift from someone, he said through the microphone:  ´Anyone else has presents?´

For the first time in history, Bouke played FIRE on his guitar. So lovely! A wonderful song, which of course, had to be filmed.

The concert in Zutphen was a very good start of the second part of the Bouke Rocks Elvis theatre-tour. 
After this weekend, with Zutphen and Den Helder, Bouke & ElvisMatters band will play  a lot more shows. 
BoukeL8, I, Irene, will be going to some of these shows, so keep in touch with my website for more video´s, photo´s and stories. 

The video´s you can find on my Youtube, as always.
The photo´s are shown in a photo-album in the Dutch story. 
Click here!

As I mentioned before, I have started copyrights on my photo´s, and now, for the first time, I also  have protected my video´s with watermarks. 
I feel very sorry and sad about it, cause this is not how I want to share my material.
But there is literally no other way, since all my stuff is being used for Tiktoks, Instagrams etc, by people I don´t even know - without even one note about the owner of the material.

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