Viva Las Vegas 2023!

Viva Las Vegas, a yearly tradition, a big sparkling party.
This year ElvisMatters added an extra evening, cause after the ´explosion´, there is a run for tickets. These 2 shows were sold out instantly. 
The 8th edition; it was incredible! 
Like all the editions before, I was there to fully enjoy it ánd make video´s and photo´s.
This time 2 evenings in a row..

Viva Las Vegas means a fun music evening, in a true Las Vegas style and vibe.
Bouke & ElvisMatters band don´t only play Elvis´ songs, but also songs of Tom Jones and many other artists.
A nice mix of swinging songs and ballads.
Songs as ´Viva Las Vegas´, ´Walk A Mile In My Shoes´, ´Tutti Frutti´, ´Great Balls of Fire´, ´Fire´, ´My Boy´, ´In the Ghetto´, ´Delilah´, ´A Little Less Conversation´, ´Sweet Caroline´, ´Such A Night´, ´You´ve Lost That Loving Feeling´, ´It´s Not Unusual´, ´Bossa Nova Baby´, ´Suspicious Minds´, ´My Way´, ´You´ll Never Walk Alone´, ´I Can´t Help Falling In Love´ and more..

Bouke on guitar

´You can leave your hat on.. You can leave your hat on.. ´
´We have a stripper tonight!´
Armed with guitar (one of 50 euro´s or 5000 euro´s), his lovely voice and good sence of humor, Bouke makes a little show of his guitar-moment.
He brings ´That´s All Right Mama´, ´Baby What You Want Me To Do´, ´Crazy Little Thing Called Love´, ´Little Sister´ and a beautiful version of ´I Can´t Help Falling In Love´, which ended very funny on the second night.

Sex Bomb

Bouke´s (musical) life was turned upside down after he won ´The Tribute; Battle of the Bands´, but he will never forget where he came from.
´Sex Bomb´ was the song he sang in the kantine of his football club, after making a promise he would sing if the club won the game.
During Viva Las Vegas this ´sexy´ song of Tom Jones brought a swinging vibe.

Green Green Grass of Home
Bouke is a big fan of Tom Jones and Viva Las Vegas is the perfect show to play many of his songs.
´Green Green Grass of Home´ is a part of the setlist in every edition of Viva Las Vegas. 
This time, on the second evening, the song got started by Verve Vocals and Walter,  which was beautifully done.

The Wonder of You
The Wonder of... Bouke!
With ´The Wonder of You´ Bouke prooved again to be a very beautiful man, as a person, inside and out.
Family is the most important thing to him and his dad Jochem, mom Margo and son Harrie were there both evenings of Viva Las Vegas.
On the first evening Bouke walked towards them, to give all 3 a heartwarming kiss. 
It was truly a precious moment. After that he walked through the audience to sing together with the people.
The second evening he again went into the crowd to hug, shake hands, make fun and sing. 
He is someone special.

I´ll Never Fall In Love Again
Bouke is proud of his fans and likes to put them in the spotlight/sunshine.
Saturday he sang ´I´ll Never Fall In Love Again´ specially for Yolanda and Tonnie, they are fans from the start and never stopped believing in him, even at the point he did not believe in himself anymore, as he said.
On Sunday the sunshine went to Truida and Chris, they are also a part of his journey from the start and Truida went, together with some other fans that have been there since the beginning, on trips like Memphis and the ElvisMatters Cruise, which were one of the most precious moments and biggest highlights in Bouke´s musical career. 

Reet Petite
Bouke is a big fan of Jackie Wilson practically his whole life, so ´Reet Petite´ can´t be excluded from the setlist of Viva Las Vegas, lovely!

Viva Las Vegas, a sparkling weekend, 2 incredible shows.
Bouke, his fenomenal ElvisMatters band, backing vocals, orchestra, dancers and beautiful people around you..
We enjoyed to the fullest.

It was nice to see the first evening the room was full of loyal Bouke fans. Fans who have been a part of his musical life for a long time. 
The second evening the room was filled with more new people, which was good to see too, a different kind of audience.
The ´explosion´ truly brought a lot of new people in Bouke´s musical world.

Video´s of both evenings you can find on youtube.
More pictures are shared in 2 photo albums on this website, in the Dutch story; Click here!

Note; for the first time (since 2009) I have started using copyrights, because I saw my pictures literally everywhere popping up, also for some odd creations, which is not the purpose of my hard work.
There is a lot of effort, love, time, and creativity in my material and I feel that should not be used without at least a mention.
I am truly sad by it, cause I don´t like to use copyrights at all.
Just as watermarks in the video´s. I did not do it this time, but after seeing what happened with some of the footage, I have to go for watermarks in my video´s as well. Screenshots are being taken, video´s are popping up on tiktoks and instagrams of people I don´t know.. Without even one mention. So.. 

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