Marina, 14 januari 2016

Thank you Marcel, for the pen.
I can say that Elvis himself, my all time magic favorite singer, build up my connection to Bouke.
I was invited by one of the operators of a particular Elvis exhibition in my hometown Düsseldorf. The German TV came to film Bouke playing on Elvis legendary black Isana Jazz guitar from 1958, which was one of his favorite.
First i was greatly excited to see the guitar. But then this curly blond guy walked in, started to sing and flashed my ears at a single blow. What a stunning, incredible and tremendous voice. I could not believe.
Not only he is an outstanding singer, a unique artist, but most notably a very funny and humble guy. He really loves people and fascinates them with his warm, powerful voice and his big magnificent heart. To cut a long story short, he is god blessed.
Well, i never met Elvis in person, but i met Bouke Scholten - which includes the same magic.

I give the pen to Sonja Celen.

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