Nancy Havens, 16 november 2023

My name is Nancy Havens.
I live in the state of Kentucky in the USA.

This is my story on how I first learned about Bouke Scholten.
About the year of 2016, I was viewing "You Tube" when all of a sudden this awesome young man appeared with a microphone in his hand.
He caught my eye immediately with his energetic approach on the song, Wearin' That Loved On Look"!! That was the style I loved.
It took me back in time.
I was so impressed & just had to search for him to see if there were more songs by him.
I was especially thrilled cause he loved Elvis and was singing many of Elvis.

Luckily, I found numerous songs like, "I Cry", "For Always", "Always On My Mind", "A Love Worth Waiting For", "I Just Can't Help Believing", and so many other songs.
I was so inspired that my spirits were lifted.
I would go around singing his songs over & over. I simply loved Bouke's Dutch accent in his voice.

Then in 2017, I came in contact over Facebook with Irene, then later learned of one of his fans that had the exact same birthday as me.
This led to some communication between the three of us.
I really became excited when I learned that Bouke was coming to America in the fall of 2017.
I would have met Irene, Johanna & possibly Bouke.
Priscilla Presley had asked him to perform in Memphis, Tennessee.
I wanted to go so bad, but was afraid my elderly father would get too tired.

I still hope to see Bouke perform in person some day.
Bouke has the most excellent range & style in his voice.

( I am writing this on November 16, 2023)

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