Johanna Vanderzwan, 4 november 2023

My Bouke story

I first heard about Bouke 20 years or so ago, when my husband found his music on a file sharing site.
When I first heard him, I was blown away with his power full voice and song choices.
I have been an Elvis fan since I was 12 and hearing some one sing Elvis songs well that makes me smile. I started to follow him and still do.
I love his Dutch songs too, as I am Dutch born living in Australia.
I also met Irene online as I am a fan of her as well for the hours she puts in the video's I get to watch, as I cant attend many concerts being so far away.

My dream was always to see Graceland and I made the trip in 2017 for the 40 year anniversary of Elvis passing.
I found out Bouke was going to do a concert there, so I had to attend that one, with help from Irene and Ronnie telling me how to get tickets ( as I am not computer savy).

Standing waiting to be let in I met Irene and that was so nice.
When we were seated, Bouke's parents were sitting very close to me and Irene introduced them to me.
After the show I spoke to them and his dad said; ´would you like to meet Bouke?´
So I did, and it was amazing to talk to him, have a hug and a photo with Bouke, that hangs proudly on my wall.
He was so humble and nice.
Bouke did an amazing show loved it so much.

I also found out he would do an show at Alfreds at Bealestreet, and I went there and an other amazing show, met Irene again and had a photo with her, such great memories.
I loved Graceland, but meeting Bouke and a hug and photo tops that.

In 2019 I went to the Netherlands to see some family, and I found out Bouke was going to do a show in Moll Belgium, so I got tickets and saw that amazing show.
Again I met Irene there.

I wish Bouke all the best.
Thank you Bouke EMB and all the people involved for making a lot of people happy.

Johanna Van Der Zwan.

The pen goes to Joyce C. Smith

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