Tammy Borges, 26 juli 2023


I feel so blessed to have found Bouke and his band after the Tribute went viral. I only wish I had found them much sooner.

The likeness to Elvis' voice especially when younger is both remarkable and undeniable but I love the depth and rich tones of Bouke's voice now.

Being a music junkie and loving all types of music I have been fortunate to have seen many of the great bands and performers of our era live (Bee Gees, Eagles, Queen, Springsteen, EW&F and too many others to count).

I live near several large venues so most have come through at one point or another and all I have to say is that Bouke and band do not EVER need to be compared to anyone. Not Elvis nor any other. They are all fantastic!

Bouke's voice is truly incredible with power and range that is off the charts and the band and back up vocals are so tight. They compliment each other in the best way possible. WORLD CLASS performers.

I do hope that more new music is coming as I love Bouke's originals just as much; great sound and vibe.

Wishing you continued success that you have worked so hard for and hope you enjoy the ride. Your humility, personality and story are so uplifting. A breath of fresh air.

My hope is that I may be able to make my way to the Netherlands to see the performance in person.

Admirer for life!!!
Much Respect from America
Tammy Borges

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