Bouke in ´Het Jachtseizoen´ - 06-05-2023

Yesterday Bouke shined in the tv-show ´Het Jachtseizoen´.
In this show, every episode one couple of 2 famous Dutch persons is prisoned and escapes from 3 hunters. 
During their escape they don´t have a phone, no money, and they are only allowed to stay 20 minutes in every vehicle they organize. They have to wear orange suits, to be shown as fugitive (note; almost every Dutch person knows when they see 2 people in orange running down the street, that they are probably playing Het Jachtseizoen, and many people offer to help or turn against them and help the hunters ;).)
They are not allowed to go in buildings, only when these are public, and every 10 minutes a GPS-signal is send towards the hunters. 
One time in their whole escape (they have to stay out of hands of the hunters for 4 hours to win the game), they can go offline, so the hunters can´t see their location.

Yesterdays episode was all about Art Rooijakkers (a tvhost who is a big Elvis fan) and Geraldine Kemper (also a tvhost).
Geraldine took care of the start of their escape. She made camping-friends come to block the exit for the hunters and managed to make Bouke do their first drive. She organized this to surprise Art.
During their drive, Bouke asks Art what is his favorite song. He says it´s ´If I Can Dream´, so Bouke starts to sing that song.
He also sings ´Wearin´ That Loved On Look´ and ´Jailhouse Rock´ together with the 2 ´prisoners´.
Geraldine tells Bouke he is driving 40 on a road which allowes 50. ´Speed up.´
At one point they are standing in front of a red signal for a very long time, which makes them stressed, cause they don´t want to be captured.
Know that every drive is like 20 minutes and the whole escape is 4 hours. 
That´s why a lot of stuff is cut-out and we only get to see 2 minutes of Bouke. But hey, those were 2 strong and very cool minutes! 

This show is so populair and well-known that they have made an app for people (also kids) to play. But with restrictions, cause of safety. 

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