Bouke in the media: Radio Veronica + BEAU

In this part some translations of 2 media appearances by Bouke. After a lot of requests for English, I am trying to get things done. 
Please know it´s a lot of work to translate these interviews and talks, that too with the stuff I am already doing to keep everyone posted.
So I will try to put down some big, some small, cause in many interviews Bouke says the same things, so this will be a collection of it, not literally ALL of it.

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Today Bouke went to Radio Veronica (radio) and BEAU (television) to promote FIRE DOWN BELOW.
At both places he also got to sing a bit more and talk about his new single + what all happened after Bouke & ElvisMatters band won The Tribute Battle of the Bands.
Everyone was saying to record a single after their adventure, but Bouke didn´t want to record a song that was already done by Elvis..

RADIO VERONICA, BONANZA - with Rob Stenders:

Over a million people are listening to Radio Veronica, when Rob Stenders asks Bouke about his experience at ZiggoDome, The Tribute Live. 
Bouke answers it was very spectaculair, to be there performing in front of 17.000 people, 3 times. ´Every evening is a big party!´
Rob says he was there the last evening and saw how Bouke was fully enjoying it all. ´It was very good to see the happiness.´
´Did you ever play in front of 17.000 people?´ Bouke says this was his biggest audience so far.

They talk about Bouke being nervous.
Bouke explains he only feels it in the last moment, when someone opens the curtain.
Right then he got a big shot of adrenaline and felt like jumping from the stage. ´I looked like a rocket, full of adrenaline.´
Rob says it was good to see Bouke´s enjoyment and asks Bouke if there was something he didn´t like about it.
Bouke couldn´t mention one thing and talks about the good sound, Mojo taking great care of everything, Talpa and ZiggoDome put their effort for these evenings and the other bands being fabulous too. 
Bouke really took it as a party and they were like a family.
The only thing that bothered him was the day after, it was like a dark hole.

They talk about photo´s being taken with Bouke now that he is ´famous´. 
Bouke says in Emmen people are usually very calm and let him walk. Sometimes someone pops up for a talk or photo. On Kingsday he just went to the market with his kids and enjoyed their time in the city.

Bouke and Rob talk about Bouke´s own concerts 18th and 19th April next year. Rob says he caunts on a present (cause of his birthday. - meaning a ticket..) Bouke says he will sing a Bday-song. :)

They talk about FIRE DOWN BELOW. How it was written for Elvis and he was not able to finish the song with his vocals. 
Rob offers Bouke the ´oorkonde´ of Radio Veronica, which is a certificate that stands for some extra promotion of his new single. It will be played a lot upcoming (this) week.

They discus the songs that people send in when Radio Veronica asked for favorites to be sang by Bouke. 
Bouke says many people also send in their songs personally, and My Boy was rating high. People were confused about where to put their vote.

Rob asks about the future, apart from Bouke´s ZiggoDome concerts next year. Whether Bouke keeps singing Elvis songs, or also records his own songs. 
Bouke says he finds it great to be on stage with Elvis songs, everything it brought him is fabulous, so he would never deny Elvis.
He does want to record his own songs again, and be on stage with those songs.
He always did that (singing his own songs), but Elvis´ music really came to him and it can´t let him go. Neither he can let go of that.
Bouke denies being a reincarnation of Elvis. That one goes too far. 
He says Elvis had a big charisma, great voice, great looks, and many fans all over the world. Elvis is the original and he changed so many things in music. Pop music right now still finds it´s base at Elvis´ music. 

Rob says many people who were not so interested (anymore) in Elvis, now start listening to him (again) too. On radio and television we see Elvis more and more.
Bouke´s own kids didn´t listen to Elvis, they hardly even listened to him. And now, since The Tribute they do. Bouke says he ows Elvis, cause he takes the stage with Elvis´ music. He always says: ´listen to me, but also listen to the original, cause it´s great.´

They talk about Bouke´s own music.
Bouke explains he is able to make his own music again now, because of all that happened.
In the past it was a bit more difficult, it had to be in the style of the scene he was in. Because of all this Bouke can make the music he wants.
Bouke says Fire Down Below already is a song in between him and Elvis. Next one will be all Bouke. 

This year he goes on tour with Elvis´ music, in about 60 theatres (most of them have been sold out) and festivals. There will be many beautiful things this year.

At one point they will get in touch with writers and start making own music. 
Bouke says not many artists score hits with their own songs, a lot of them cover other artists. 
Rob says he is looking forward to everything that will happen and he wonders in which direction it will go. He congratulates Bouke with the certificate he just got..

Video interview + Fire Down Below
Video Blue Suede Shoes + Small talk

In the evening Bouke and ElvisMatters band are guests in BEAU, Beau´s Talkshow. 
Bouke has known Beau for a long time, since he won ´The Winner Takes It All´ which was hosted by Beau. Also he was a guest in the talkshow: RTL SummerNight, with Beau. At that time he came fresh from Memphis (2017).  Beau always has been a special fan of Bouke and it was really visable Bouke was very comfortable with Beau in the show.
Even when camera´s were off, they both were so chill with each other. 

Bouke also talks with Beau about his experience in ZiggoDome.
He says he never thought it would happen. He didn´t expect it anymore. 
After Beau shows the last footage of Elvis, Bouke talks about Elvis, his voice and tragic end. He talks about how he learned about Elvis.
Bouke started singing other music and people compared him with Elvis. 
When he really got to know Elvis, he was very impressed.

Beau and Bouke talk about how they know each other and the struggles Bouke had to find his own style and music.
He thinks being compared to Elvis is a big compliment, but doesn´t want to be called an imitator. 
At one point he let go of these comments and decided singing these songs make him happy. 

Babette Labeij, who is a vocal coach in the Netherlands, supports him and tells him she can understand his struggle. 
When Bouke suddenly starts singing a bit of Cry To Me (Solomon Burke), she is very enthusiastic; straight from his talking voice to his singing voice, that´s how you know someone is singing pure. 
Beau asks Luuk Ikkink to sing a little bit too (Luuk is a tv personality and can´t sing). When he gets a big applause, Bouke jokes; ´and he does get an applause!´

Bouke talks about about Fire Down Below and how Jerry Scheff gave his approval of Bouke recording the song. 

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Heel goede vertaling Irene, maar aangezien die taal momenteel jouw 2e moedertaal is geworden, zal het jouw niet heel moeilijk af gaan. Ik denk dat de fans die er om gevraagd hebben, heel blij zijn met dit verslag.

Ruby Tiessens
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Fantastisch dat je dit allemaal vertaald heb. Wat zullen ze in 't buitenland blij met je zijn. Compliment hoor ❤️.

Jane Kelly
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Bouke is a wonderful singer and performer - second to none! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
I’m so happy to hear he will record his own music. I love everything he sings! ❤️