American fans of Bouke must be thrilled. Bouke is coming your way!
Together with Rob Kemps (Snollebollekes - a Dutch artist) he is going to America for a Dutch music tvshow, which will be hosted by SBS6 - just as The Tribute Battle of the Bands.
More details will follow, but be sure to stay in touch with BoukeL8 and keep up with the socials. You also might like to follow Rob, to know who this guy exactly is: Rob Kemps

On SBS Shownieuws Bouke already prooved to be a very good reporter, so the expectations for an awesome show are high!

In the last couple of weeks Bouke visited NPO RADIO 5 and talked about Elvis at Radio Live Oranje, on Elvis Presley´s death-day, 16th of August.
Bouke has a lot going on, his agenda is full and many great concerts are coming up. You can find his agenda on the official website; 

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